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Phantom 4 vs. Berlin TV Tower | Fight or Flight?

  Some of you may laugh... Some of you may be on the edge of your seat... But this pilot is so lucky he didn't...

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Mavic Pro vs. Mavic Air vs. Spark | DJI Drone-Off

  Another great release by DJI happened this last week on the 23rd of January. The new Mavic was "born". Is it better than the...

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Should I and How To: Storage and Travel With Batteries

  The fact that batteries are sensitive is not a novelty. When handled incorrectly, they will lose performance and capacity much faster than their actual...

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The Best Camera Settings for Mavic Pro

Mavic Pro is a powerful and small drone that helps you capture your ideas with creativity, ease and helps you capture a beautiful aerial...

The Best Tablets For DJI Spark, Mavic and Phantom

  Many people say they use their smartphones for their Phantom, Mavic and Spark. However, they should rather be using a good tablet (we’ll check out...

ND Filter – Why they are necessary for your drone

Not from the US? Click for following Nationality: Italy  ,  Germany , France A common question is:     “Why do I need a ND filter for my drone?”   Neutral Density...

The Best Camera Settings For Phantom 3

  Phantom 3 is one of the best drone series ever launched by DJI. It has a number of drone models ranging from standard to...

Drone Captures Near Death Event

The incident that happened in Pell City Alabama and which was covered by many international tv stations, was filmed with a Phantom 2 and a...

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