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A common question is:


“Why do I need a ND filter for my drone?”


Neutral Density (ND) is a type of filter that you will find in every pro photographers’ kit. It reduces the amount of light that comes through the lens. Basically like sunglasses. Every filter is marked by a number. The higher the number, the bigger light reduction is. Which means less light comes to the sensor.
Drones have fixed aperture with Shutter Speed and ISO being only variables available to set a correct exposure. And the problem is that drones fly very high, and there is a lot of light up there. But don’t worry, *ND filters* are here to help!

We listed the best ND Filter for Phantom Yuneec 4K and Mavic down below


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ND Filter Mavic*


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Why is a lower shutter speed better?


As we said before… Drone Camera has fixed aperture, which means it can control the exposure only by ISO and shutter speed. If the light is too bright, camera increases shutter speed (less light comes to the sensor) and that way it compensates for the lack of ND filter…
But the problem with high shutter speed is that it creates jello effect and creates distorted image which look very unprofessional. To avoid this, we help the camera by adding a ND (Neutral Density) filter, which reduces the light and that way camera doesn’t need to bump up the shutter speed and you have more space to tweak the exposure.
Additionally, lower shutter speed creates a motion blur. Motion blur we see every day with our own eyes.. Our brain blurs out all the information we see with our eyes in order to focus on something.
Same is in your video footage… if everything is sharp with no motion blur, it doesn’t seem natural and is not easy on the eyes



When do I need which ND Filter?

PL and ND Filter Table
PL and ND Filter Table


Note: With a Set of PL , ND4 and ND8 Filter (If you live in a sunny state +ND16) you are prepared for 98% of all situations.


Compares ND Filter on Drone Footage ISO



a quick demonstration of the difference between the stock lens on the P4 and an ND-8 (Neutral Density Filter)


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