The Spark іѕ the newest, super-portable drone from DJI. This little guy redefines the term “small drone”.
It’s really the best choice to bring everywhere without any struggle.

It is a great starter model, for anyone that wants to get into drones.
But if you are a starter, and also if you are a pro, you need some accessories to make your flying experience longer, safer and much better!

Here are some accessories and upgrades for your little Spark or Dave or however you named yours.

Best Accessories for DJI Spark


Cool Stuff and useful Extras:

Best Useful Accessory Extra Gear Goggles FPV DJI Spark
Experience DJI Goggles compatible with DJI Spark

Immerse yourself fully with these set of goggles. See what your drone sees in real time in FullHD resolution and either enjoy the beautiful scenery and just relax. Or switch on that Sport mode feel that speed!

Available on Amazon and DJI Shop

best dji spark accessories

Fly More package includes the remote controller, but the Standard one doesn’t.

Make sure you get the Remote Controller. You get much more range and flexibility with your drone. Available on Amazon and DJI Shop


One of the most important accessories if you already own a Spark RC is the USB OTG adapter. Because the Sparks RC only has a micro USB connection this adapter is necessary if you like to connect your mobile device with your RC instead of using wifi.


Spark Controller Extra Bike Mount Gadget Accessory Gear Best
Useful Accessory: Spark Controller Bike Mount

This is yet another interesting gadget for every biker out there. Attach the transmitter of your Spark to the bike wheel and control it with ease. No longer the problem to ride with one arm while holding the transmitter in the other. Made out of sturdy engineering plastic it will serve you well. Just don’t forget to pay attention to the road ahead! Click to see price and availability



Best Accessories Spark DJI Extras

One of the most useful accessories for the Spark is this Power Station. You don’t have to worry about your battery power anymore when you are on the go. Just charge the power station before you leave the house and you will be able to recharge up to six batteries (three at the same time). This means if you carry the power station and three charged batteries you will have nine full flights without any power outlet.


Freewell combination Case fits Mavic and Spark

  • Perfect fit if you own a Mavic and a Spark
  • High-end material for better functionality & lifetime warranty
  • Waterproof , Dustproof , Shockproof
  • Lightweight & slim design for easy portability

ND Filter for Spark

When asked which accessories are most useful for the DJI Spark and all other drones for that matter, ND filters are most frequently mentioned, along with spare batteries.
Beginners quickly realize something. Their video footage does not correspond to the quality of videos created by other more experienced drone pilots.

Spark Best ND Filter Accessories
Spark ND Filter – Click on the Image for Price and availability

The main reason for this are the missing ND filters, which are necessary for cinematic video look when shooting with a Spark.

Due to technical limitations of the camera such as the fixed aperture, images with high light emission are not as nearly good as it is actually possible. Therefore ND filters are used to reduce the light incidence so you can avoid the problem. That’s why they are one of the most useful extras.

If you want to know more, why filters are necessary and how you use them correctly pay our ND filter guide a visit.

Best Tablet extras accessory SparkLooking for a tablet?

Take a look at our seperate article about most recommended tablets.


Protection Accessories:

Your Spark will often be thrown into backpacks or bags. Protective measures, which in contrast to the fairly high purchase price of the copter itself is negligible, are highly recommend.

The following accessories significantly improve the lifespan of your Spark:



Landing and On Flight Gear:

Spark also has a very low ground clearance, much lower than the Mavic Pro.
That’s why it can’t take off and land in grass taller than 1 single inch. Because gimbal is barely lifted from the ground.

Also when you try to hand catch it for landing. It is so small that your fingers can easily touch the blades and you get hurt.

When you are a starter pilots propeller guards are a must, but they don’t come in the Standard package.

That’s why we listed them as well as a lot of other good on flight gear.




Extra Propellers and Protection:

A set of replacement propellers are always a good choice.

Even if there is no chance of anything happening to your props in flight, there is ALWAYS a chance of something happening. Collisions with, for example, branches or just by material fatigue.
Why would you need to miss that perfect shot just because your prop is a bit damaged and drone is shaking. Bring it down, replace, and in 30 seconds you can shoot again!

Should you find any visible damage or irregularity on the props, immediately replace them.

We recommend Propeller guards for indoor flights, for the palm launch or for beginners to avoid crashes due to inexperienced pilot failure.

In addition to the protection of the props themselves, it is preventing that a person comes in contact with propeller blades which are razor-sharp while spinning that fast. It’s a very inexpensive way to save both you and your $500+ drone from disaster.



Spark Batteries and Charging 

Many pilots do not agree on the optimal number of replacement batteries. It is not the same with every pilot. Depending on your flight behavior and the purpose of your Spark flights. It remains your personal decision how many extra batteries you use.
Due to the limited flight time of round about 15 minutes the majority of pilots choose to get at least three batteries with their spark.
You choose a location with no possibility for charging? We recommend to take at least three batteries and the power station for charging on the go with you.

*NOTE* Never use Aftermarket batteries for safety reasons.

Since even original DJI batteries represents a certain safety risk, many airlines companies require from you to transport batteries in Explosion-Proof Li-Po Bags.
We also use these for storing our batteries.

Don’t miss our guide on How to handle Batteries.

In addition, you will find recommended chargers for charging several batteries at once and also charging batteries in the car.



Best Storage Accessories 

Make sure you always have enough storage space for your footage before you go on tour with your Spark.

Many of us underestimate how fast the space of the included 16GB SD card is used when recording Full-HD videos.

However, avoiding the situation to still have enough battery power left for a flight but no free SD card to store the recordings is not difficult these days.

Please note that not every SD Card will work with the Spark. Cards with a slow writing speed will destroy your footage.
We recommend using one of the SD Cards we listed down below



Best Tablet for Phantom MavicLooking for a tablet? Take a look at our seperate article about most recommended tablets.


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  1. Hi you say about getting a power bank and spare batteries to charge while mobile but, how do you charge a spark battery from a power bank except through the drone itself?
    If you’re charging through the drone you don’t need any extra batteries!


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