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After a great time taking video footages with your drone you have to edit it using the most popular editing software you can get. Whether for fun or formal purpose you need your video to be of high quality. Since video makers have varying preferences and tastes, the software is designed differently so you can choose which to work with.


MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2018

Are you new to video editing? Then you cannot go wrong with this particular video editor that has a simpler user interface than most video editing software. It promises a fun and educative experience when working with.
Having an incredible resolution of up to 4K, it gives you a choice of working on videos in either a detailed timeline or simple storyboard mode. Its update service is a sure thriller as you can update features at no cost for a full year, with an option of extending it for a discounted price after expiry.

Recommended for Aerial footage 4k


  • Numerous directions on getting familiar with the basics
  • Templates and important wizards for great graphics that are awesome for an aerial view
  • Its operations allow freedom of creativity on effects you want to implement on the video

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Vegas Movie Studio 14 Suite

This is the best for video makers who want to make videos that are creative and a great thrill to their audience. It is characterized by its unique and groundbreaking features.
Has integrated exceptional products and has an intuitive workflow that gives room for advanced editing. Videos edited by this software are breathtaking and amusing altogether.

Aerial footage Full HD 4K Drone Video Professional


  • Multi-cam editing; allows the user to work on several footages simultaneously, provides for a workspace up to four cameras.
  • Inbuilt great video and audio effects
  • 4k monitor support
  • One of a kind image stabilization and great color rectification.

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Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 Ultimate

It is designed to be flexible to the editor’s needs while giving an intuitive interface for creative working. It is ideal for both beginning learners and professionals in video editing.
With this video editing software, you can work at a fast rate and do not have to worry about meeting deadlines. Its features are simple to use yet powerful in their delivery.

No. 1 Choice for Aerial Drone Video Editors


  • Its action camera center offers a great experience to exciting video editing
  • True 360-view designer; the footage giving an impression that the video was shot by several cameras positioned at multiple angles
  • Video collage designer; provides an option of putting together up to seven video clips

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The outcome videos from most editing software is greatly dependent on your skills and experience. The above reviewed software, however, are tailored to perfection and all one needs to produce an exceptional video quality is to work with them regularly to master the controls. These Video Editing Software guarantee decent edited videos of aerial footages.

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