DJI has announced that Inspire 2 ( which was announced earlier this month) will be slower than originally planned. They said last night that the Inspire 2 would now have a top speed of 58 mph ( 93.3 km/h ), reduced from 67 mph (107.8 km/h), and would take 5 seconds to reach 50 mph, not 4 seconds as first stated.



The company says the change is “necessary to ensure speed does not compromise video quality and stability.” The Inspire 2 is engineered to suit professional film makers, with obstacle tracking, two cameras, and a new image processing system that uses an onboard SSD, so it makes sense that the quality of video it can produce comes before its racing potential.


A minor reduction in top speed shouldn’t be such a big deal, but if you did preorder the Inspire 2 precisely because it could it could break the 60 mph barrier, then DJI is offering full refunds on the device.

DJI still advertise the Inspire2 with 67mph here: Amazon Inspire 2*



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