DJI’s Airworks first Commercial Drone Event in San Francisco is in full swing and some invited Authorized dealer already leaking information about the upcoming DJI’s Enterprise line.




There were leaked images spread earlier this year already showing the Wind1 but now it has become clear. DJI will add up three new Drones for professional use to their product line, called Wind 1, Wind 2 and CS SR 1.

Already released: Take a look at DJIs MG-1 Octocopter


 More Detailed information is only known for the Wind 1 including the price of 9,950€ and a list of information

  • DJI Wind 1 – Industrial Drone that is rumored to be Rainproof (more on that later…we aren’t sold yet)

  • “Windproof “- Max Wind Resistance 12 m/s (26.84mph / 43.2 km/h)

  • Size – 740mm Diagonal from Motor to Motor

  • Dimension – 582mm (L) x 582mm (W) x 280mm (H)

  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C

  • Weight (with TB47D Battery x 2) 4040 grams

  • Weight (with TB48D Battery x2) 4225 grams

  • Max Takeoff Weight: 6000 grams

  • Max Load Weight (With TB47D x2): 1960 grams

  • Max Load Weight (With TB48D x2): 1735 grams

  • Hover Accuracy (GPS Mode)

    • Vertical: 0.5 m Horizontal: 2.5 m

  • Max Angular Velocity:

    • Pitch-axis: 300°/s

    • Yaw-axis: 150°/s

  • Max Pitch Angle 35°

  • Max Ascent Speed: 5 m/s

  • Max Descent Speed: 4 m/s

  • Max Wind Resistance: 12 m/s

  • Max Flight Speed

    • 22 m/s (in ATTI mode, no payload, no wind)

    • 17 m/s (in GPS mode, no payload, no wind)

  • Flight Times:

    • Hover Time (with TB48D Battery x2) 38 minutes

    • Hover Time (with TB48D Battery x2 + Zenmuse X3) 31 minutes

    • Hover Time (with TB48D Battery x2 + Zenmuse Z3) 31 minutes

    • Hover Time (with TB48D Battery x2 + Zenmuse XT) 31 minutes

  • Propulsion System:

  • Customized E1200 Motors

    More information on DJIs MG-1 Octocopter



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