Good News drone pilots! Breeze* gets its own controller, and FPV system!

What was once a regular smartphone, which you used to controll the Breeze* only by itself, now it became just a display screen that you can attach to your brand new controller.



The controller allows you to choose between 2 modes: First Person View mode and Normal mode


Normal mode is far too familliar, there is no need to explain that. But First Person mode splits the screen into almost identical images which, when seen through FPV Goggles, give you the nice wide 110 degree view angle.

Main Controller specs:


Flying distance is NOT better than before! Controller only connects to your phone via BlueTooth, so you have better controls, but the phone is the device that is connected to the drone itself via WiFi.
Maximum distance: 100m


Battery can last the whole day, but it is recommended to recharge it before every flight.
Battery: 600mAh


In order to connect your new controller to a smartphone, you must have Breeze Cam mobile application, which you can download for iOS (8.0 and above) and Android (4.4 and above)
App: Breeze Cam
OS: iOS/Android

Connection: Bluetooth



Breeze* FPV Goggles specs:

The FPV Controller is only compatibel with the Yuneec Breeze – Get it for a low price here: Check Price

It is not heavy, and it will not strain your neck.
Weight: Pleasant 200g (Phone weight NOT included)


Phone size: 4.7 – 6 inches


FOV (Feild Of View): 110 degrees (Human FoV is 95 degrees, so you won’t be seeing black spaces)


Max FPV Image transmission resolution: 720p.



You can get this controller for $69.99 from retailers and online at

It also should show up very soon on this AmazonPage*

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