Great News for all those who like to buy a very extravagant Quadcopter as Christmas Gift – now offers a Gold-Coatet Phantom 4 in their Online shop.
But with a price of £19999.97 or about $25000.00 you got to dig really deep into your pockets



The Phantom 4 Special Editon, created by the British online shop, is quickly noticeable by the 24-carat gold-coated case.But otherwise it does not differ from the usual variant.
Since the special edition is delivered only with the usual accessories, the optical change alone results in a price increase of 25 times considering Phantom 4 from the current price of around $1000.
“For those who want an exclusive one-off drone, the DJI Phantom 4 Gold Edition is perfect,” Tim Morley (Drones Direct manager) tells ToyNews. “It is the ultimate status symbol for the gadget-lover who wants something more bespoke.”


Whether the changes justify the high price everyone must decide for themselves. However, the Phantom 4 Falcon Edition Bundle* (Drone World USA) mentioned by us in a previous article, which is already considered too expensive by some, is a true bargain compared to the goldion of Drones Direct.


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