Interesting News coming from the CES Las Vegas – Drone Manufacturer Autel Robotics announced two new camera modules for the X-Star series in 2017.


The first camera will be a visual with upgraded picture quality due to the 1-inch CMOS sensor.

The second camera will be a FLIR Duo for thermal and visual recordings.

Autel Robotics Announces New Camera Modules for X-Star Series Drones at CES 2017
Autel Robotics Announces New Camera Modules for X-Star Series Drones at CES 2017


So Autel Robotics announcing with the words:


“We always strive to provide the best-possible user experience with every aspect of what we do, and that includes creating long-term value for our customers with our products,” Natalie Cheng, Autel Robotics USA Director of Communications, said. “We are so excited to bring these new dimensions to the X‑Star drones and see the amazing things our customers will do with this added flexibility…the possibilities are really endless.”


Autel Robotics will release the 1-inch sensor camera module in the second quarter of 2017 and the FLIR Duo module in the first quarter of 2017.

The visual camera will be able to shoot 4K UHD Videos and 20MP stills and it will capture better cinematic images with a wider aperture. It will also perform better in low-light scenarios.

Users of the FLIR Duo module will able to switch between the thermal and standart, visual mode in-flight, view both at the same time with picture-in-picture, or see a blended image of both. Autel promising a better in-flight experience, as well as a highly-detailed thermal image,suitable for many applications including inspection and first response.

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