This is indeed a thrilling year for aerial drone photography. Strong contender like DJI who has been dominating the drone photography market for several years, but now competitors like 3D Robotics and Yuneec are giving a tough time because of more realistic and advance technologies.


The Typhoon H is also equipped with advanced aerial photography features which allows you to film for up to 25 minutes with the CGO3+ 4K-resolution camera. Aerial photography requires a camera which is proven and recommended so you get the best pictures every time. Knowing the camera settings, focus, metering along with gimbal stabilization, using ND Filter to gain the Shutter Speed, aperture and ISO are all important factors. In this article, we explain what the best setting for your CGO3+ is.

Best settings for Yuneec Typhoon 

  • General Camera settings:

Camera settings for aerial photography differs from the settings a photographer might use when shooting, but the major issues are same. All cameras feature different video and image capture modes with their own default settings.

  • Shutter Speed:

The shutter controls the amount of time light permit to reach the CCD. CCD in simple terms means, the area where the digital image pixels are made. Shutter speeds can be measured as multiples of second.
Shutter Speed is probably the most important camera settings for drone photography.

The shutter actually controls the time requires to make it to CCD. CCD means the area where the digital image pixels are formed.


Screenshot_12You could further improve the quality of cinematic effect of your shots by using a Neutral Density filter which will reduce the amount of light that reaches your camera’s sensor, allowing you to control the shutter speed by using distinct strengths, or stops, of neutral density filters.
It is a common cinematography technique, and explains the relationship between frame rates relating to shutter angle with rotary shutters. By reducing shutter speed respective to your frame rate, you can control the appearance of motion blur.
The shutter speed should be set so it is a double of your FPS. So if you are shooting at 1080 @ 60 FPS then the shutter speed should be set at 120. Likewise, if you are shooting at 4k @ 30 FPS then the shutter speed should be kept at 60. 30 0r 60 FPS are recommended for a cinematic look. Typhoon H allows you to shot 4K video at 1/50 second shutter speed (the lowest). If you are looking to shot in a bright day, you probably should use a neutral density filter in order to reduce light. This can be achieved by ideally shooting at a lower shutter speed of 1/50.


Most of the time your image will be overexposed with the recommended shutter speed, that´s the reason why it´s necessary to use ND Filter for professional footage

Click here to read a full explanation for ND Filter

  • White Balance:

White balance describes how your camera convert the color of light in a view using its lens. Using the appropriate white balance settings can produce various colors. You should also use manual settings to correctly set your camera’s white balance.

Typhoon H with sophisticated auto white balance algorithms, correcting the white balance due to change in developed frame-work with the passage of time in a single clip but it is hard to edit when the auto mode is changing the white balance in flight.


  • Light Sensitivity: ISO

It is recommended to fix ISO at 100. To keep the noise at minimum, the sensor of Typhoon H series should be set in the best way possible. The ISO mostly depends upon the time of the day you are shooting. If the shooting is being done at night, ISO can be increased but it should not be increased beyond ISO 400. Your video won’t look professional otherwise. Best possible settings should be used for best possible results.

  • Professional Mode:

The Typhoon H feature capture settings that are designed to preserve the maximum information possible when shooting videos so it gives you the liberty of adjustments. This capture format usually avoid the filters that are applied to the video in order to make them look good. This results in a more unsaturated, dull and monotonous appearance.

The Typhoon H has professional capture modes built into their cameras allowing the best experience for aerial photography.


  • Cinematic Experience:

The reason for choosing the cinematic style because want you to focus on particular subjects to tell their story. Cost effective drones like Typhoon H have made it easier for filmmakers to achieve their Hollywood-blockbuster looking rating in their budget. There are some basic points in order to do effective cinematic photography or video capturing like knowing your camera limitations and keeping your camera moves in check.

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