Drones, multicopters or however you want to call them, are a new sensation.
Of course everybody wants one for themselves.
We are here today to help you invest your money well and wise, and to help you understand more about scamming, how to avoid it, and how to recognize which websites are fake sellers.


Before buying your drone, or anything else online, especially when you plan on spending big amounts of money, you should always do some investigating beforehand. To make sure you don’t get tricked.


We will try to give you some basic tips and guidelines, so let’s start.


There are several things you always want to check when buying from an online store.


1: What you want to look for is the age of the website, or an online store.
If it’s a recent one which started few months ago, you should be careful.
Many fraud shops get created for one purpose only: To get as many customers as they can in the shortest time possible, and after that they delete the website and you never see them again.


2: Look at the basic website layout.
If the looks premium, and well made, it is not a guarantee, but scammers usually don’t invest a lot of time in creating a good quality and a well made website just to have it taken down because of numerous reports it recieves.
So, if the website looks like a 7th grader made it, be careful.
Also check out the flavicon. Thats the icon that appears next to the website name in the tab. Does it look legit?


3: Website languageEvery online shop, that is serious about their business, have a language option on their website. If you don’t see the popup menu with languages, and if the whole website is in plain basic English which gives you the feeling that Google Translate made the whole website, it is probably a scam.


4: Website info. Check the Contact info, and Refund policy. Do they look real?
Is the number foreign? Is the contact e-mail or Those should never look like anyone could have made it. Look at the DJI… They have emails for each of the headquarter like or .
You or me cannot get the mail that ends with, so those look real and premium.
Also, website name… Is it ? Or is it plain and simple like ?
Watch out for those.


5: Check the prices. Do they look realistic?
If you live in a foreign country, you should be aware of this. For a drone to enter your country, there must be custom fees. In many countries for the product that is worth 1000$ you must pay 200/250€ fee (it varies for different countries of course).
But if you see some shady discounts, that don’t look realistic, check please, I’m outta here!

We also list you the most known drones and their prices down below for you to compare the prices


6: Check the reviews and ratings.
Check the website’s reviews. Do they seem fake? Are they similar or made with accounts that don’t have any other activities?
Are ratings all 5 stars?
All these things point out to a fraud.


7: Check the validity of the online store website here:
Or get down to forums of , and search for your website.


For example: There is a thread about a SCAM website on the Scamwarners forum.
Apparently they tried to “sell“ DJI drones really cheap. And they used the same phone number for every kind of contact. And that same number was known to be used for scamming in Denmark.

Of course, everything here DOES NOT GUARANTEE that it is 100% safe, but it can get you as close as possible to that percentage.


What DOES give you certainty is the brand, the name, which is well known and trusted. Like or the .


Those stores not only give you a great refund policy, but have best customer service, and very fast deliveries, and thats why we suggest you to be on the safe side by ordering at DJI Shop or Amazon!


Click on the Name for the actual prices of the Drone you want.


Phantom 3


Phantom 3 Advanced


Phantom 3 Professional


Phantom 4


Phantom 4 Advanced


Phantom 4 Professional


Mavic Pro


Yuneec Q500 4K


Yuneec Q500+


Yuneec Typhoon H


Autel X-Star



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