Whether you want to store your equipment at home, or if you want to bring it when visiting a friend, or going hiking or any other outdoors activity and you want bring your Mavic with you… You always (and we mean !ALWAYS! ) want to SCRATCHproof, DUSTproof, WATERproof or ANY-SORT-OF-DAMAGEproof your precious drone.

In this article we picked top 3 items for each category.

1. option is our HIGH-END choice.
2. option is the MID-RANGE choice.
3. option is our LOW-END (but still very capable) choice for that particular category.



Hard Cases
Shoulder Bags
Small Cases / Bags





Hard cases provide ruggedized protection for your valuable equipment. Amateur and professional photo-video makers rely on these hard cases for impact-resistant and shock-absorbent protection.
Padded internal panel dividers allow a clean organization of your Mavics’ equipment — filters, battery packs, props and media accessories.
Waterproof cases are ideal for nautical and recreational use — on the boat, on the beach or at the pool, your drone will be protected from the elements.

Whatever your needs are, we have a hard case that will protect your precious Mavic.


Freewell combination Case fits Mavic and Spark

  • Perfect fit if you own a Mavic and a Spark
  • High-end material for better functionality & lifetime warranty
  • Waterproof , Dustproof , Shockproof
  • Lightweight & slim design for easy portability

1. Mc-Cases: Professional Explorer Edition Case

Case 1

  • As practical as possible
  • Adjustable foam for space customizing
  • Can hold: 1x DJI Mavic Pro including Battery, Props and Gimbalcover, 7x DJI Mavic Intelligent Battery (6x within the foam and 1x in the DJI Mavic) 1x DJI Mavic Remote Control, 1x Original DJI Mavic Shoulder Bag, 1x DJI Multicharger, 4x Spare Props, 1x DJI USB Dockingstation Adapter 1x Diverse Cables like DJI Mavic Cable, Lightning Connector, 1x Business Cards, 1x Big Multiuse compartment which is closeable with a lid including handle
  • IP67 certificated and waterproofed for 30 minutes under 1 meter of water

2. PolarPro: DJI Mavic Hard Case

Case 2

  • Engineered to be the toughest DJI Mavic Case
  • Features custom slots for a DJI Mavic, 2 extra batteries, remote, and 4 accessory slots
  • Perfect for situations when maximum protection is needed

3. Case Club: Compact Waterproof DJI Mavic Case

Case 3

  • Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Can hold: DJI Mavic Drone, Remote and some Accessories
  • Lifetime Guarantee

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Shoulder Bags


Shoulder drone bags provide protective portability for your valuable Mavic. Perfect for the amateur photographer or a professional, these semi-rigid drone bags offer security from the elements on the outside and nice layout on the inside. These bags provide efficient organisation so your batteries, props, ND filters, memory cards, etc. are always well stored, secured and of course easy to carry.


1. DJI Mavic – Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag 1

  • An Original Mavic Pro FlyMore bundle bag
  • Can hold: Mavic Pro x1, Controller x1, Battery x2, Smartphone x1, Propellers&Protective Guards, Accessories&Cables
  • Well made and durable bag

2. Koozam: Messenger Waterproof Bag

Shoulder Bag 2

  • EXTREMLY light (1.8lbs / 0.8 Kg)
  • Polyester and Nylon
  • Waterproof case and waterproof zippers
  • Can hold: Mavic Pro x1, Controller x1, Battery x2, Charger x1, Propellers&Protective Guards, Accessories

3. Xberstar: Hard Portable Shoulder Bag

 Shoulder Bag 3

  • Can hold: Mavic Pro x1, Controller x1, Battery x2, Charger x1, Propellers&Protective Guards, Cables&Accessories
  • High density EVA foam inside to protect valuable equipment
  • Splashproof, Shockproof, Scratchproof




For outdoor activities, a solid backpack for your drone that distributes weight well is a must.
Backpacks distribute weight more evenly and naturally than a conventional camera bag: you will be carrying the load with both shoulders, and also some of it will be supported by the rear of your pelvis.


Huge backpacks for massive kit collections tend to be expensive, and have other drawbacks too. For example, they’re often too large to take as carry-on luggage when flying.
Here, we take a look at reasonably priced options.
They’re big enough to stow a lot of equipment, but small enough to take anywhere, whether you’re travelling by train, plane, car, or even a bike.

1. Lowepro: ProTactic  Camera Backpack 

Backpack 1

  • The Best backpack that provides professional protection for your Mavic
  • It can fit one or two Pro DSLRs, Laptop, Tripod, Accessories, etc.
  • Turret-loading top, Quick-grab from both sides, and Full, back entry for set-up and security
  • Limitless set-ups with a robust, slip-lock compatible strap system
  • Organize the space inside so it suits you best with customizable dividers
  • ActivZone System technology delivers targeted support for shoulders, lumbar and waist for increased comfort on the move

2. Lowepro: ViewPoint Backpack

Backpack 2

  • Removable small drone case
  • Upper compartment suitable for your Mavic drone kit
  • Adjustable dividers and a top cover with accessory straps to keep those props secure
  • Padded back-pad and straps provide all-day comfort

3. Altura: Photo Camera Sling Backpack

Backpack 3

  • Lightweight and durable travel bag designed for optimal on-the-go use
  • High Quality Interior
  • Comfortable One-Shoulder design
  • Quick rotation from the back to the front of your body

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Small Cases/Bags


Here we have some really mini and beautiful semi-hard cases, as well as a DJI Sleeve for your Mavic. These high quality protective cases are specially moulded to conform to shape of the Mavic Pro and its remote. Perfect to protect both your drone and the controller while on the go.


Given that these minimalistic hardshell cases don’t offer best protection for your batteries, we suggest reading THIS guide in order to ensure that extra safety is provided.


1. Altura Photo: Travel Bag


  • Padded carry handle and removable shoulder strap offer multiple ways to carry
  • Fits the Mavic, remote controller, 2 batteries, filters and extra props
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

2. Huhuhero: Carrying Case

Small Case 1

  • Great Protection Case
  • Specially molded to conform to the shape of the Mavic Pro and the remote
  • You also get a battery carrying bag for the DJI MavicPro battery

3. Fstop labs: Hardshell Carrying Case

Small Case 3

  • Specially designed case fits DJI Mavic Pro drone and the controller
  • Water resistance and drop protection for DJI Mavic Pro and its controller




  • Mavic – Aircraft Sleeve from DJI
    DJI Sleeve

    • This small bag is the ultimate portable solution. When folded it can easily be put in your pocket
    • The inside of this bag aka. Sleeve is made from the durable and very soft material that will protect your Mavic Pro from scratches and dust
    • Because it is so portable, you can always get a second one for your controller

Extra Mention


  • 3D Printed Charging port Protector

    • This High Quality 3D Printed Cover protects the Charging Port from dust, oxidation, or damage
    • Good option when you are forced by airlines to cover the leads of your Mavic batteries in order to travel

  • 3D printed Transmitter stick Protector

    • With this 3D printed stick Protector, you can protect the Mavic Pro Transmitter sticks during transport or storage
    • Whether in your pocket or in your backpack, the Protector will fix the thumb stick, and guard them from damage

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