Aerones is a drone manufacturing company, based in Latvia, and it is focused on developing UAVs with high lifting power.
They conducted a secret (not so secret anymore) ‘drone diving’ operation in an isolated part of the Baltics.


This drone measures 34sqft (3.2sqm), it has 28 main rotors (4 small ones to help control yaw) and weighs 154 pounds (70kg).
It is strong enough to lift up to 440 pounds (200kg), and for the cost of $37000(€34000) 10 minutes of flytime makes you value the every second.
Top speed that this drone can reach is around 95 miles per hour (150 kilometers per hour), but piloting becomes difficult at that velocity, so it rarely goes over 37 miles per hour (60 kph).


This incredible video of the worlds’ first drone-dive features Ingus Augstkalns who got lifted up to 1500ft (450m) into the air by this powerful drone. At that altitude he let go, and few seconds after he released a parachute.

NOTE: He was waiting on the 390ft (120m) tower for the drone to take off and come to him to the 1500ft (450m). So there was some cheating involved.
It would have been much more impressive if ge started from the ground, but we guess drone batteries wouldn’t last enough…


As far as feelings go:
“Emotions are fantastic. Both feeling how easily and quickly the drone lifted me, and because Latvia proves itself in innovations of technology”– Augstkalns said to Daily Mail


This could be used to save human lives, for firefighting purposes (just attach hosepipes to the drone), rescuing people from buildngs or the middle of moors and mountains(rather than helicopters), etc…


We are probably going to see more of Aerones drones in future wheather in sports or any other interesting utilization, so stay tuned…


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