Spark is released! All information here… New DJI Drone “Seize The Moment” Teaser-Video


UPDATE: Spark is released!

Click here for full information about the DJI Spark 

DJI just posted a teaser on youtube “Seize The Moment”.


Something is taken out of the bag. Something small. Something cute. AND IT FLIES?

Yes. That is probably the SPARK.

One thing we can assume from this video is that Spark will have a FHD 1920x1080px camera.

Mavic Pro introduction video was a 4k video, but this one is limited to a 1080p.

As far as controlling the drone goes… It is probably only Wi-Fi.

We can see here for a brief moment in the teaser that the girl in the middle is using the tablet to control it. So it could be limited only to that.

We couldn’t tell anything else from the video except they played with the “seize” word, and showed SIZE first. Probably telling us size matters!
This will be their smallest drone so far, and DJI will now add this uav to their list of product releases. Spark 2/3 maybe even Pro will surely be much fun!

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It’s coming soon, 7 days and counting…

Let’s meet the Spark.


DJI Spark - Seize The Moment - May 24, 2017


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