On Sunday afternoon, 21. May 2017. , during a Major League Baseball game between San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks (San Diego won) a drone crashed! just few inches from an innocent and unsuspecting spectator almost causing injuries.

There were people to the left, right, as well as below the empty seat, where the drone crash-landed.

Luckily children weren’t in their seats.

Even though GoPro haven’t set any NFZ restrictions on their drone (THEY SHOULD),  the flight was still illegal: Flying above a crowd of people.

It was very much in the NoFlyZone set by DJI for their products (a DJI drone would not even start in that area):


“That’s why I’m in favor of drone registration. Instead of blaming all drones. They can track down this clown and take actions against the operator and not the industry as a whole.

Please always be careful and considerate when operating your UAV.


It’s not every day you see a drone crash into the seats at an MLB game.

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Here is the crash from another perspective:

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    • It doesn’t say that it’s a DJI product.
      You missed off this bit “(a DJI drone would not even start in that area):”

    • Read it again. They’re not stating it’s a DJI Drone, they’re simply stating “a DJI Drone wouldn’t have even started in that NFZ (No Fly Zone) All they’re stating is the GoPro Karma Drone ‘should’ have the same restrictions so this wouldn’t have taken place.

  1. Frankly, this guy was kinduh stupid. But I love the morons shouting ‘That’s not legal’. Then they go off to text and drive, and speed. Putting people at far more risk than that drone. LOL! The rig doesn’t bother me as much as the operator’s inconsiderate behavior. People watch too much TV. I’ve flown R/C aircraft of all types for quite some time now. I’ve seen them crashed. Never seen one used to abuse privacy. Never seen one used to spy on children. Never seen one used for civilian espionage. Not saying it hasn’t, doesn’t happen. But I can assure you if you were to compare it to the use of automobiles for any of the above, we should make cars illegal. I’ve seen them used to show off, and that usually ends badly. It’s precisely what this guy was doing. You want to really fix things, start by fixing behavior.

    • So well said it should be in stone! Behavior is the issue, not the equipment. Just as in the gun laws and registration and everyone crying about that… guns don’t kill people, people kill people!


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