The Youtube user Dave H. recently uploaded recordings of his home surveillance camera.

The video shows two cops approaching the front door after a call by Dave’s neighbor because of a allegedly illegal drone flight in the neighborhood.

The initially quiet discussion, on the question: “Whether the flight is legal or is it not?”, flipped quickly as one of the cops searched in vain for the corresponding law and realized that his competences were questioned.

The cop, getting more and more angry, threatened the pilot that he will arrest him. After that the video ended.
In the accompanying video description, the viewer is told that Dave has been talking to a very understanding supervisor, and that the supervisor arranged a training class for the cops so they learn about the legal conditions to avoid such situations in the future.

The video is a good example of the fact that police officers are not always correct or up to date, and that in such situations you should be insisting on your rights without losing the temper.

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  1. I keep a separate video running showing me flying my drone to cover anyone from harassing me or threatening me


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