The majority was sure after the latest DJI teaser video that the Spark will be released today (May 24. 2017.).

The majority was right.

It is official, the DJIs’ smallest drone of the manufacturer “Spark” is Now Available!

As they all say: “Best camera is the one you have with you all the time.”

DJI SPARK will allow you to carry it with you on a daily basis, and it will allow you to tell your stories anytime from anywhere.

Let us quickly summarize all information we gathered from the “Seize The Moment” event below:


The Spark is the smallest drone DJI has made up to this date. Its main feature is easy portability. It’s palm sized and at 300grams (0.66pounds) it weights less than a “can of soda”.

DJI Spark Colors Available: Sky Blue, Meadow green, Alpine White, Sunrise Yellow, Lava Red


It. Is. Not. Your. Smartphone. It’s your HANDS.

You take the spark in your hand, point it towards you and press the power button twice.

The camera recognizes the pilot, and immediately takes off.

If you want to maneuver the Spark, you point your hand towards it, and just like you have some magic powers, you can control the little drone.

In order to move it a little further you just wave the one hand, and the ActiveTrack starts.

To take a picture , you use the same gesture like you would with your MavicPro.

In order to land it, just wave 2 hands, and the Spark will land in your hand.

It uses gesture control from start to finish.

Apart from that, it can be controlled via your smartphone or tablet, or with the optional remote controller which comes if you get a Flymore Combo.

Read more about it HERE.


This small yet very capable camera features 1080p resolution that is more than enough to provide you with good footage and professional-looking photos.

Its 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor which is slightly larger than your average cellphone. It gives you more light sensitivity and precision with your colors.

The Spark shoots 12 megapixels photos and records FullHD video at  30fps (frames per second).

On board the Spark there is a 2-axis mechanical gimbal  that works together with UltraSmoth DJI’s new electronic stabilization technology that reduces shake so that you can  capture smooth footage.


DJI aims to make best in class flight performance on its drones.

That’s why Spark is so nimble, agile, and fun to fly.

Max flight speed is 31Mph (50Km/h) (on the optional remote controller), and it has flight time of 16 minutes.

It can go up to 1.2mi (2Km) away, using the remote controller, and the 100+yards (over 90 meters) using your smartphone.


Spark’s flight autonomy includes the 3D sensing system, Main camera, Vision positioning system (VPS), dual-band GPS (GPS/GLONASS), a high precision inertial measuring unit, and 24 powerful computing cores.

This allows the Spark to accurately hover anywhere up to 98ft (30m) due to its VPS, and to sense obstacles in front from up to 16ft (5m) away.


If you want to fully merge yourself with this drone and to unlock its true speed potential, then you should get DJI Goggles. Read more about them here.


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