The long awaited DJI “Seize the moment” event took place today in New York, just one month after “Create Your Legacy” in Vegas, and answered many questions and speculations from the last weeks about the “possible” new releases.

The 33 minutes event could be, for those who were not lucky enough to receive an invitation from DJI, followed live on the Internet. For everyone else who did not have the opportunity to do so, we can only say that you didn’t miss much, except…

The NEW drone DJI Spark is announced!

Unfortunately that was all for this event. We were expecting maybe few more gadgets, but the Spark got all the thunder today.

The presentation focused on the palm siced and in six colors available (Sky Blue, Metal Green, Alpine White, Sunrise Yellow and Lava Red) DJI Spark explained it´s cool new features.

The Spark can be controlled without any controller or mobile device, just with gestures in a range of 10ft. The maximum range with it´s optional RC is 1.24 miles and with a mobile device 109 Yards.


Click here if you want to know more about the new features, to read our detailed article about the Spark and the features.


Additional to the released Spark DJI will update the DJI Go 4 App with new editing features, the App will be able to create edited videos from your footage ready to share without any knowladge or effort on an extra computer.



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