Mavic Climbs The Crane With Its Human – James Kingston


So you need more than 500m (1640ft) of height for that one drone shot…but the DJI doesn’t let you?!
Well there is no other way than to go and climb the nearest crane, is there?

The man behind this stunt was a well known YouTuber and daredevil James Kingston.


At 05:07am, on Tuesday he decided to climb up the crane in Southampton, UK.
After he reached the top, along with constant looking around at the people on the streets and the security guard on the construction site he sat down to admire the view for a moment.
Then he released and flew his Mavic Pro (at 11 minutes into the video), safely landed it after some while on the building at the bottom of the crane, and then he carefully climbed down.

Just when you would think that everything went smoothly, there was that sound.

Police sirens went off.

Yes they confronted him, but they turned out to be “cool” about it.

Did James do this because he needed that extra height or just because he felt like climbing, we can only guess.
We are pretty sure we would get that tingling/nauseated feeling in our stomach if we climbed that high.

It’s just strange we are all so cool when viewing the footage taken with our drones…


Tell us how you would feel in the comments below!


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  1. Wow. Fantastic. I have a fear of heights. Even watching you in that clip my tummy was turning. Hats off to you… Wish l was that brave. Love the views. Thank you so much.

  2. No, sorry. You free climbed this tower with no safety equipment, never tied yourself off. Never exercised the most basic stuff to not only protect yourself, but you are encouraging others to do the same. You are among those that invite less-skilled folk to break rules and take risks. I don’t think this is “cool”. It’s not going to influence the multinational drone community to lobby for relaxed standards. You are only making things worse. Think about it. What you did was your own choice, but to advertise it as a good game ultimately hurts all of us. You are not a part of the solution, as they say, you are a big part of the problem.


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