The Phantom series. Started 3 and a half years ago. Started from the first ever phantom drone called simply The Phantom. It was a UAV that had a GoPro attached to it.
Soon after that (10 months after) Phantom 2 followed. More features, better battery, the option to remotely tilt the camera and adjust its orientation on two axes.
Half a year after that we got the Phantom 2 Vision+ that featured the three-axis stabilizer we all know and love today.

Then Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 came. They are one of the best drone series ever launched by DJI. They have a number of drone models ranging from standard to pro level designed to meet any customer’s demand.
All of them have multiple features that can be set according to your needs.

Phantom 3 series offered a Professional model, that featured a 4k camera.

Phantom 4 series gave us the Phantom 4 Pro.
5-direction obstacle sensing, 4.3 miles range, etc…

But, even best of its kind drone needs help sometimes to outclass itself.
Here are some best accessories and upgrades we suggested for your valuable quad.

Best Bags, Cases and Backpacks for the Phantom 4DJI Phantom 4 Pro Best Bags Cases Backpack

Best Accessories for DJI Phantom 3/4

ND Filter for DJI Phantom 3 and 4

When asked which accessories are most useful for the DJI Phantom and all other drones for that matter, ND filters are most frequently mentioned, along with spare batteries.
Beginners quickly realize that their video footage does not correspond to the quality of videos created by other more experienced Phantom pilots.

ND Filter Drone Guide
Read everything you need to know about ND Filter in our seperate, well explained guide.

The main reason for this are the missing ND filters, which are necessary for cinematic video look when shooting with a Phantom.

Due to technical limitations of the camera such as the fixed aperture, images with high light emission are not as nearly good as it is actually possible. Therefore ND filters are used to reduce the light incidence and to avoid the problem. That’s why they are one of the most useful extras.

If you want to know more, why filters are necessary and how you use them correctly pay our ND filter guide a visit.

Cool Stuff and useful Extras:

Best Useful Accessory Extra Gear Goggles FPV DJI Phantom 4
Experience DJI Goggles compatible with Phantom

Immerse yourself fully with these set of goggles. See what your drone sees in real time in FullHD resolution and either enjoy the beautiful scenery and just relax., or switch on that Sport mode feel that speed! Only compatible with Phantom 4

Available on Amazon and DJI Shop


Best Tablet for Phantom MavicLooking for a tablet? Take a look at our seperate article about most recommended tablets.



Storing Protection

A drone is a very delicate piece of technology. And apart from having to operate it prudently , you need to store it carefully.
You don‘t want that gimbal hitting stuff around in the backpack when travelling, it can get damaged very easily.
That‘s why you need to take best care of it.
Here we put some of our suggestions for protection.
Please consider getting a gimbal lock for your drone, and be carefree.



On Flight Gear

Landing/taking-off stabilizers will prevent tipping over when you’re making contact with ground.
A wider stance gives the drone more stability.
It also lifts the whole drone from the ground, so your camera isn‘t prone to dust and particles flying in it when landing or taking off.
Gimbal guards will make sure your gimbal doesn‘t get in contact with an obstacle in mid flight.
Remember, safety is number 1. Don‘t crash your worthy and drone!



Propeller / Propeller Guards

Newbies use them. Professionals use them. The guy next door with the drone uses them. Really, almost everyone used them, whether once or every time they fly.

It‘s not a shame if you put guards on. Sometimes you need to fly in very strict spaces, sometimes it‘s a forest with many branches… It‘s better to throw few bucks for guards, than to crash your drone due to propeller snapping off, and having it repared.

And while we are on that subject, props can get damaged for God knows how many reasons… It is always smart to have an extra pair or two with you. Always.

Be safe!





Extra batteries are a must when you’re flying drones. Those 20 real minutes of flight just don‘t cut it when it comes to either flying for joy, or getting those perfect and professional shots.

As a minimum we recommend 3 batteries (2 extra + 1 on drone), and go up from there to fulfil your needs if needed.

Those 3 batteries will give you around 1h of flight, and if you get more than 3 its an even bigger plus and you will have enough power to last for hours!

Speaking od power, a wise man once said:
„With great power comes great responsibility.“- Benjamin Parker

If you wish to learn how to take best care of your batteries, visit our guide.

In addition, you will find recommended chargers for charging several batteries at once, charging batteries in the car and an extra power bank to power your mobile device or devices on the go.



Best Storage Accessories 

Make sure you always have enough storage space for your footage before you go on tour with your Phantom. Many of us underestimate how fast the space of a 64GB SD card is used especially when recording in 4K.

However, avoiding the situation to still have enough battery power left for a flight but no free SD card to store the recordings is not difficult these days and also not expensive.

Please note that not every SD Card will work with your Phantom. Cards with a slow writing speed will destroy your footage. We recommend using one of the SD Cards we listed down below.

In addition, you can seek the help of the Companion Streamer.
That’s an interesting useful accessory.

This device streams the footage from your SD card on your or friend’s mobile device, laptop or other smart devices. You can also use this device to copy the footage on an external hard drive.


Range Extender

Always fly your drone in your line of sight!
Ok, having said that, there are many times when the drone is in your los (line of sight), but there is a lot of interference and bad signal.
These can happen due to many different things. Weather conditions, a lot of nearby Wi-Fi signals, nature or man-made objects that can cut that signal strength in half.
That‘s why these range extenders exist. They can help you to have good reception and they can insure that you never lose control of your precious UAV.


Here we have some good choices, but give it a try and investigate on your own and you will maybe find even better ones!
Feel free to let us know if you do, and we will upgrade our tables.

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Do you want Cinematic looking footage? Dont miss our guide about the optimal Camera Settings for the Phantom 3


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