A Drone LOST The Battle Against A Formula E Due To CRASH!


“HOLY SH*T!” from the video was right.


That drone made the Formula E look like it’s stationary.
Formula E started first but then the mighty GFD1 drone  just flipped itself 90 degrees and stormed the track leaving the Formula E car still at the start.

To be honest, Formula Electronic car isn’t the fastest thing ever.
In this video from 2015 we can see it is less powerful and much slower than the F1 machine.

It finished the Monte Carlo lap in 37 seconds. 10 seconds slower than the F1.
But still… Holy Sh*t.

Now you must be wondering: What is up with that title?

Well unfortunately the mighty drone did lose the competition. It was a “2 out of 3” race.
The GFD1 never made it past the 1st drag race.

After it stormed the track, leaving the Formula E car almost at the start, it flew back, and it looks like the pilot took an attempt at the barrel roll maneuver, made it half way through and when the drone was upside down, it just froze and started slightly flying towards the crowd.
The pilot immediately took precautions and slammed the drone in the center of the track by cutting the throttle, thus avoiding any possible injury to anyone.
Kudos for fast thinking.

In another video we had access to the pilots FPV feed. Some new information came to light.

As it approached the start the drone started yawing to the left, maybe the pilot just wanted to do  a victory spin, but the UAV started doing a barrel roll towards the crowd. Something was very wrong with the control.

It looks like a desync issue, maybe the ESC was damaged/burned… We can only guess.
Unfortunately we weren’t at the venue of the event, but we will make sure to update the news as soon as we get new information.

Until then,

Fly Safe.


  1. There is lots of mis-information in this article. Most notably the fact that the drone won the first heat in a best 2 of 3 contest and FE decided to call the race after the fact. GFD1 was standing by to complete the rest of the contest. If you’d like to reach out for an official statement we’d be happy to provide one for you.



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