A drone was flying a bit too close to the Blue Angels during Seafair airshow over Mercer Island on Aug. 4, 2017.

A perfect example of media manipulation.

Seafair airshow over Mercer Island Aug. 4, 2017

Filmed by John Redifer

In the last few years all media sources use almost every opportunity to bring down the idea of drones, and UAV flying in general, bringing and amplifying only the bad side of the whole thing.

But it’s not only their fault.
It’s what the community wants.

Would you rather read of a group of drones flying in sync and creating music, or a horrific landing that crippled someone?

This type of mindset brought us to the point where any sightings of drones are going to become a war against them because they are “illegal and dangerous”.
Yes, they are… But so is every car that swooshes past you going 50mph…

Having said all that… This particular event probably wasn’t planned. Pilots were in fact aware of a drone in their fly zone. The police were on their radios as soon as the drone was spotted.

Trying to capture that one “awesome moment” will never be a good excuse to endanger someone’s life. It will never be worth it.

So please, all you pilots out there, be careful.

And Fly safe.



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