Bladeless Drone-the Future of drones?


This concept is brought to us by the Mexican designer Edgar Herrera.

He made certain that maximum advantage of aerodynamics is taken.

Beautiful futuristic design looks nothing like the “drone” we all love and know today.

The science behind it is amusing!

Endowed with a Red Dot award, this concept solves 3 main problems we have with today’s drones.
Lots of noise, exposed and fast-spinning blades, and wind problems.

Without exposed blades, this drone will be no danger for anyone around. We are well aware of the damage fast-spinning propellers can do to human flash. It cuts it like butter.
Another benefit to this is that there is no humming noise.
What makes this annoying noise is constant fluctuation of pressure around propellers. Getting rid of propeller blades takes away that noise which can be very loud as we all know.
Talking about wind, when a gust of wind hits a drone with propellers, it loses control and can go crushing down and hurting someone very easily.
The Bladeless Drone, due to its aerodynamic shape can use that wind in its advantage, and can fly more stable.

The drone has 4 “propellers”.

Center main one which is there for controlling altitude, take-off and landing. Two front ones, which can turn 20 degrees forwards and backwards and control movements in those directions. And there is the 4th one in the back that can also turn 20 degrees sideways, for controlling yaw.

All this wouldn’t be possible without the application of Dyson’s bladeless fans, or so-called Air Multipliers.
They are engineered in a way that the output airflow is 15 times bigger than the amount that passes through the motors inside the fan.
Read more HERE.

So, now every problem is solved, except for one. Fans are a bit pricey. But what else can we expect from this new futuristic design and application.

It is safer, quieter, more reliable.

It’s the future!

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