DJI Software Failure Hunt

Help DJI and earn some money!


DJI is addressing every user of their products, to go on a BUG BOUNTY HUNT!

It’s called  “The DJI Threat Identification Reward Program“.
The aim of this program is to pay more attention to the software of the drones and apps, and to extract any vulnerabilities.

Bounty will be from $100 to $30,000 “depending on the potential impact of the threat”, for bugs that will primarily be reviewed and confirmed.

All information about discovered bug and vulnerabilities can be emailed to:

This program was announced right after the U.S. Army released the ban on DJI drones, because of “cyber vulnerabilities” that are yet to be specified.

DJI also announced a new Offline Mode for its flight controller applications.
Users will be able to cease any data transmission from and to their device. This brings the connection down to only between you and your UAV, discarding any cyber attempts of spying on you, or hijacking your drone if that’s even possible.

“We’re not responding to the Army, which has never explained its concerns to us.” – said the DJI’s corporate communications director, Adam Lisberg, explaining that the Army wasn’t the reason they started working on the Offline Mode, and that it has been in development for several months already.

Drones are really becoming our everyday gadget like smartphones did a decade ago, so they need to be secured and safe to use.

Let’s all work together to make drones safe!

But doing that DO NOT forget to…

Fly Safe.


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