Moose attacked by wolf! Unique footage captured with drone

Classical instrumental music starts.
Fade in.
Moose vs Wolf Drone Footage Northern Ontario Canada
Beautiful (but not color-graded) aerial shots of the Northern Ontario, Canada.
And then there is a big moose enjoying the water… So everything looks nice and calm but then… There it is. A wolf storms through the water towards the moose! Very intense! Huge difference in size, and hunting alone? That’s pretty peculiar wolf behavior.
But either way he doesn’t back out.
There is a bit of a stand-off… Should he? Shouldn’t he?
Moose retreats to deeper water, but wolf followed.
The moose made the wrong move and the wolf took the bite!
After more than a minute of suffering the pain from the wolf ‘s strong bite, moose collapsed.
But it’s not what you think. When he fell down, the wolf followed into the water forcing him to release the bite in order to not drown. Moose quickly stood up and started running through the water.
The wolf tried catching up with him but after more than 2 minutes he quit.
The wolf just couldn’t cope with deep water the way this big moose could.
The moose escaped.
And our wolf was then joined by another of his kind, who was probably just late to the hunt.
They retreated to the woods, to rest for another day, another hunt.
As said: “This type of drama is happening in the forest every day. We are so lucky that the internet is helping us to see this, while we sit in our chairs and drink strawberry shake.”
We are lucky indeed! If you have any interesting videos like this, feel free to share! But don’t forget one thing you should always do…
Fly Safe!


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