Black Friday is almost upon us with less than a month to go. It is that time of the year when the shopping frenzy reaches its summit. There is no denying that shopping enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for best drone deals on Black Friday, and they would do anything to make the best of it.

It is utterly exciting, isn’t it?

Drones are fun and if you are planning to buy a drone then there is no other time more appropriate than this Black Friday, November 25th!

Most of all the prices are low and the deals are ultra-sexy, and on top of all this, you won’t get a better chance than this until the same time next year. So, whether they are starter, intermediate, or professional drones, here are some of the best drones you should look for on Black Friday:

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DJI released their Black Friday discounts!

Several online stores already announced discounts on DJI products but now DJI dropped their online store prices for a lot of their products. Some of their discounts are the same compared to their distributors but DJI adds free gifts if you order a drone like the Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic or Spark in the DJI Store.

Click here to see the DJI Black friday sale



hubsan drone deals for black friday best discount



hubsan h507 drone discount on black friday

Hubsan H507A X4 Star 

If you are curious about flying a drone for yourself, then it is best for you to start with this drone that is specifically designed for starters. With a 720P HD camera, it has all the enthralling features to make you fall in love with drones. This incredibly low-priced drone will be even more affordable when the Black friday drone deals hit the stores!
It comes with cool features such as:

  • GPS and WIFI
  • 720p HD Camera
  • Follow-me feature
  • Flying altitude 3.8 meters
  • Headless mode
  • Tracking range 5-8 meters
  • Connects with mobile smartphone app
  • Automatic return in case of low battery

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We present you 2 of the best intermediate drones in the market:

hubsan h501s drone for blackfriday

Hubsan H501S X4

First of all this drone by Hubsan has this sheer tendency to satisfy all your passion about drones. The enhanced drone technology on this bird makes it simply breathtaking. Furthermore, it is highly durable and easy-to-use. It is light-weight and the design is sleek. As a result, this drone is a great transitioning drone from starters to professional drones.
Here are some of its amazing features:

  • 1080p HD camera for high-resolution pictures and videos
  • 3 LCD screen (resolution 480*272)
  • GPS
  • Flight time: 20 minutes
  • 8 GHz transmitter and 2.4 GHz receiver
  • 6 axis gyro
  • Headless mode
  • Latest fly control system
  • Follow me feature
  • Automatic return on low-battery

No Black friday discount available yet but we expect it very soon.

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Parrot drones discounts for black friday


parrot bebop 2 drone discount black friday

Parrot Bebop 2

The successor to the original Parrot. Due to very low weight of 500 grams it is highly portable. Furthermore this drone has very long flight time of 25 minutes!
Also a 14-megapixel camera, capturing high definition footage from an aerial view is enhanced even more due to the fish-eye lens!
Just like the original Bebop it is rather user-friendly and highly addictive!
Here are some of the alluring features of this mind-blowing Parrot drone:

  • Enhanced 14 megapixel fish-eye lens
  • 1080p video recording and stunning image capture
  • 180° field view
  • 25 minutes of flight time thanks to a powerful 2700 mAh battery. Almost as much as double original Parrot’s battery
  • Quick charging Lithium-ion batteries
  • Equipped with powerful motors for flight in greater altitudes
  • Powerful rear flash LED for better visibility—even in the dark
  • Requires registration with FAA, so visit their website for more info on how to register.
  • Remarkably clear and stable aerial footage
  • Free Mobile application Flight Pro enables the user to experience the extreme pleasure of flying
  • Embedded GPS
  • Parrot cloud keep tracks of all your enthralling flights
  • The ‘Return Home’ button brings the drone back to its starting point. Amazingly, it will return to its starting position and will start hovering over it (above 2m)
  • Highly lightweight (500g)

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Professional Drones

For skilled drone flyers, professional drones are highly significant. There are some drones that can be used for just fun, and then comes drones that are used for work.
Professional drones are specifically designed for people who are looking for enhanced flying experience along with paramount quality.
Here is our list of 5 best professional drones for you:

dji drones sale on black friday

dji spark drone discount on black friday

DJI Spark, Highly portable Mini Drone

This mini-drone might be small, but it has all the DJI’s signature technologies that make it a brand of high value. There are intelligent flight control options, high-quality camera, and excellent control – therefore every feature allows you to push your creative boundaries.
So push them, and make this Black Friday the day you get your spark for the best discount!

  • 2-axis Mechanical gimbal
  • Intelligent flight control options enable the user to take intuitive shots
  • Quick-Shot-Videos with a single tap
  • Face Aware Quick launch (the drone files after recognising the face of the owner)
  • Simple control
  • DJI GO 4 app can be used to give a professional touch to images and videos. In addition you can also use its array of filters and make changes as required
  • It is extremely lightweight and highly durable

Update: The Spark is getting a very nice discount! Looks like sky will buzz from Sparks soon…
Several shops offer the Spark (Regular and Fly more Combo) with 100$ off on Black Friday but DJI not only reduced the price but also adds a FREE landing pad, propeller holders, and hand guard to each order.
If you were thinking of getting the DJI Spark, do NOT miss this! Click the link below in order to get your drone today!

Check Availability and Price Best price: DJI store

dji spark best accessories
Check out our list for the most useful accessories for your Spark.



autel robotics drone sale black friday


Autel x star drone black friday sale discount

Autel X-Star Premium

This unusally orange drone is a really something you should consider buying this black friday.
Camera handles 4K Ultra HD video and up to 12MP photos. It is mounted on a quick-release 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. Dual GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning will ensure safety.
And all this, along with 25 minutes of battery life gives you a great drone for its price!
You should probably buy extra batteries to fully enjoy the view from above!
Here are some other specs about this drone:

  • 4K Ultra HD video camera with quick-release 3-axis gimbal stabilizer
  • HD Live View up to 1.2 miles away and autonomous flight modes via the free Starlink app for iOS or Android (mobile device sold separately)
  • Dual GPS/GLONASS outdoor navigation, SecureFlyTM magnetic interference protection, and the Starpoint Positioning SystemTM
  • Intuitive remote controller with LCD display and one-touch action buttons
  • Included accessories: Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Quadcopter with 4K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal, 64GB UHS-I microSDXC Memory Card (Class 10) Lens Cleaning Solution, Blower Brush, Microfiber Cloth, Lens Tissue Paper, 5pc Cotton Swabs, MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Backed by Autel Robotics customer support: U.S. based, seven days a week

No Black friday discount available yet but we expect it very soon.

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Update on DJI Mavic Pro: Limited Alpine White Edition Now Available

Limited edition launched by DJI with a very reduced price. Click here for more information


dji drones sale on black friday


dji mavic pro drone sale for black friday

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI earned the recognition with this amazing drone that is small but highly powerful. It can make your every moment special with high-quality images and videos. Also the powerful flight ensures that you can use it for any special or non-special occasion. Furthermore the Obstacle Avoidance feature ensures safe and reliable flight.
Therefore why wouldn’t you say yes to the Mavic if there is a good deal for this awesome drone on November 25th?

  • It has an OcuSync transmission system that offers a remarkable transmission range of 4.3 miles (7km)
  • 3-axis mechanical gimbal
  • It can fly at a top speed of approx. 40mph (65kmh)
  • 1080p video streaming
  • There are smart features such as TapFly and ActiveTrack that makes videos seamless
  • Sensor redundancy along with Obstacle Avoidance sensors makes it highly safe to use
  • GPS combined with Vision positioning makes it perfect to use indoor and outdoor use
  • Lithium-ion battery (250V) is used
  • It has a 16 GB digital storage

Update: The Mavic Pro. $100 off for the Regular version. $150 off for the Fly More Combo version.
Only with DJI you will get FREE gifts!  Landing pad, propeller holders, and hand guard WILL BE added to each order, at no cost!
If you were thinking of getting the DJI Mavic Pro, do NOT miss this! Click the link below in order to get your drone today!

Check Availability and Price Best price: DJI store

Best Accessories Extras for DJI Mavic Pro
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dji drones sale on black friday

dji phantom 4 pro advanced drone discount on black friday

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Professional Drone

This has to be the best of the lot, and simply the most fascinating one too. It is armed with a 1-inch megapixel CMOS sensor therefore the drone can shoot 4K/60Fps videos and 14 Fps burst mode pictures. Also it has a rigid frame made of magnesium and Titanium alloy.
It seems like this enhanced version of globally acclaimed Phantom 4 is breaking records with its high-quality results. Here is why you need to get it on Black Friday:

  • A 1-inch 20MP sensor is designed to ensure the usage of 1-inch Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Obstacle sensing (five directional)
  • 100Mbps bitrate on video processing which supports H.264 4K videos at 60fps or at 30fps
  • Upgraded Lightbridge HD video transmission system
  • No problem in taking complex angle shots
  • TapFly feature enables the user to fly in any direction without any inconvenience
  • Gesture mode feature enables the user to take amazing selfies
  • Return to home feature
  • It has dual IMU units and compass modules which make it more reliable
  • The intelligent batteries ensures that there is a fly time of about 30 minutes
  • A remote controller enables the user to take mind-blowing aerial shoots
  • Lithium-ion battery is used for better battery life

Update: The Phantom 4. Pro and Advanced version both come with one extra intelligent battery, and the total cost is…. $169 less then it was before!
There is an old saying: “One must not miss a DJI discount.”
Only with DJI you will get FREE gifts!  Landing pad and a top-notch 32GB SD card WILL BE added to each order, at no extra cost!
If you were thinking of getting the DJI Phantom 4, do NOT miss this!
Click the link below in order to get your drone today.

Check Availability and Price Best price: DJI store

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yuneec drones sale for black friday

on h drone sale on black friday

Yuneec Typhoon H

Typhoon H is highly advanced photo/video-graphy platform that goes beyond the limitations of a traditional quadcopter.
You would think it is so big because due to it having 6 propellers, but you would be wrong. Carefully designed foldable arms allow typhoon to be handled with ease during transport.
Intelligent flight modes along with 4K UHD Camera will give you great and professional looking footage, so here is why you need to get this drone on the black Friday:

  • READY OUT OF THE BOX – Comes with ST16 all-in-one controller (no need for a separate phone / tablet), Integrated 7-inch Android touchscreen, Wizard, backpack, extra battery and extra props
  • SAFE TO FLY WITH BUILT-IN COLLISION AVOIDANCE – Intel® RealSense™ Technology intelligently navigates around obstacles, FAA compliant no-fly zone, 6 rotor safety with 5 rotor fail-safe, and ultrasonic collision prevention.
  • EASY TO FLY – GPS stabilized flight control, with 8 smart flight modes, automatic return to home, auto takeoff and auto land. As a result no experience needed.
  • 4K STUNNING VIDEO & IMAGE QUALITY – 4K Ultra High Definition video, 12 megapixel photos, full 360° anti-vibration gimbal, also retractable landing gear for 360° filming, and team mode so one films while the other flies.
  • UPGRADED ONE YEAR WARRANTY – Guarantees against manufacturer defects from the original date of purchase.

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We will keep you up to date about the best Black Friday drone deals!

Well, now you have the list of all the best drones that you can buy on Black Friday (say goodbye to the excuse that “I don’t know where to look.” )
It is a perfect opportunity to buy any drone of your preference since they will be available at amazingly low price rates.

So prepare yourself to grab this precious opportunity, because we can guarantee you that you won’t find a better chance than this!

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