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DJI has just released a portable charging station for their smallest drone to date, DJI Spark. This charging station is small, portable, and one might think it’s the best thing they could ever have as a drone companion, but is it?

A different company that goes by the name of “Smatree” offered this type of product long time ago. Their charging station looks great, feels great, but will the DJI charging station be the “killer” of Smatree station?

Let’s find out!



DJI Spark Portable Charging Station

dji spark charging stationFinally DJI managed to deliver a nice charging hub for the Spark.

Highly transportable drone charger can fit 2 batteries PLUS the drone itself. Everything can fit inside!
First it will charge the one attached to the drone, then it will charge the others. We will go through all the specs in the comparison chart below.


Smatree Power Station

This small charging station is a true gem when it comes to drone accessories.

It is easy to carry, has a lot of juice, and has some really awesome tricks up its sleeve.

But is it actually better compared to the DJI’s charging station?


There are recent reports about Smatree chargers catching fire. The producer claims these reports as fake and removed the charger from The product is still available in other shops but we advise to either buy the DJI charging station or wait will the situation about the safety performance is cleared.


Let’s take a look!


dji smatree charging station for dji spark

Click here to download the picture to your device.

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DJI vs. Smatree

So there you go.
If you look at all specs, You will see that Smatree is far more superior than the DJI’s new charging station. For many of you this will be the one you should go for.

But let’s do a quick recap just in case:

Both can charge 3 batteries at the same time, but Smatree has the capacity to charge 6 batteries (2x 3 batteries).

DJI station needs 2h 30min to charge 3 batteries (one after the other), but Smatree does that in 40 minutes ONLY! (all 3 simultaneously!)
So Smatree can give you 6 full charges in 1h 20 mins. Isn’t that awesome?!

However the DJI charger can be used as a Spark docking station. So you can easily carry the drone, its battery +2 extra batteries, while they charge.
On Smatree there is no place for a drone, but the HUGE capacity, the 40min/3batteries charge time and much more affordable price tag does make up for this!

smatree charging station for dji sparkCheck Availability and Price


Otherwise, if you are looking tor a good charging station that has a place for your beloved Spark as well…You will not make a mistake with the DJI one.

dji smatree charging station for dji spark

Check Availability and Price in DJI Shop

Tell us in the comments how you liked the comparison, and please share with us which one will you get!

We just told you how to fly as much as you can in one go.
You have only one responsibility.

Fly Safe!


  1. Have there been any reported overheating issues with the SMATREE? How many users have reported their experiences with the SMATREE?

    • No, Smatree won’t overheat. But be careful… Don’t put batteries to charge immediately after flight. They are still how, and charging them in this state will result in shorter battery life.
      You should wait 15-20 mins before charging the used battery.
      I’m sure you won’t regret getting it. It is really awesome!

  2. Since we are talking about charging lipo batteries, I think you need to consider the safety of charging batteries that fast. If that fast charging diminishes the life of the battery then maybe the cost analysis is flawed. If it causes an accident then it is an entirely different situation.

    • I will update this article, or even make an entirely new one if that happens to be the case. But I doubt it will happen.

      You never deplete batteries to the 0%. you usually have 15-20% left when you land, so its never a 100% charge. It’s more like 80-85%. Hence the lower charging time.
      52 minutes advertised on the DJI official website is the time from 0-100%.

      So I guess charging speed is as it should be. But as I said before, it is a fairly new product. I will keep an eye on it!

  3. It’s an interesting video, and their video seems to demonstrate charging of the DJI batteries. However the fault occurred when the unit was being charged, e.g. internal battery was being charged, and 40 minutes into the charge the unit caught fire.

    It’s also upsetting to see, that rather than be constructive, they claim the Review was FAKE, despite this being reported to them, where they accused the person as a liar, why could a liar set fire to a drone product they wanted to use, which has caused damage to furniture and shelving.

    Also if you view their photo of the burnt out product, it’s a different image and burn location that the review on Amazon, so their picture is either fake, OR are they now two Smartree chargers which have caught fire!

  4. Hi Marco,
    Does your quoted weights include the charging wall adaptor or are they just the battery units themselves ? I am looking for the lightest charging solution for Safari travel with my Spark.

    • Well it comes to this… DJI is more portable… But if you don’t care about that very much then I would go for Smatree 100%.
      40min to charge 3 batteries, and you can do that 2 times in one go!
      That’s a big advantage for me, so there..
      3x shorter charge time for 3 batteries, and 2x bigger capacity than DJI.
      I hope this helped. Let me know what you decided 🙂


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