Paragliding with drones – This is how you do it!


This beautiful video was posted little over a week ago by Outside TV on YouTube. Thanks to Jean-Baptiste Chandelier and his professional filming crew, we got to see this masterpiece.

They managed to capture every shot perfectly, and stitch everything together so well that all transitions were so seamless and such well timed.

All I can say is… Enjoy.

This video is a beautiful example of how to implement ground shots with drone shots.

How to make the viewer think that he or she is actually flying the paraglider.


And it’s a great source of interesting filming tricks you can implement in your own videos.

If you take a look, the composition you will see that camera crew used the rule of thirds a lot.

Beautiful scenarios and landscapes from Portugal, France, Brazil and South Africa should always be visited.
And should really be enjoyed to their fullest!

And Jean and his crew did exactly that.

Some scenes just look so unreal…

Like they are from some video game with a great story.



Jean-Baptiste Chandelier and his filming crew really inspired us and we thank them for it.
We hope to see many more awesome videos like this.

But Jean, one more thing about those 360s…

Fly Safe

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