Some of you may laugh… Some of you may be on the edge of your seat… But this pilot is so lucky he didn’t have a video feed. Trust me.
I believe he would have a heart attack.

Basically, this pilot was filming a Berlin TV tower. It’s a nice building, rather interesting to capture. I can understand. But he was breaking the law!

Anyway, as he was flying around to catch a glimpse of the sun, he lost the signal.

This is when things went bad.

As soon as drone lost signal, it immediately switched to Return to Home.
It went directly towards the tower.
Hopefully, Phantom 4 has sensors, and it stopped on time. Then it went 30 meters up, and went full “SPARTAAAA” on the tower.
Check it out:


“FULL SPEED AHEAD! (almost crashed)
Nope… Nope… Ok… Up up up up up… HA! NOW!
(almost crashed)
Oh, ok… Another Nope… Ok Ok… Where do I go, where do I go… A bit to the left?


The drone went past the tower on its own, and only then pilot could regain connection and control of the copter.

Wondering why it was so up in the sky he had no idea how fierce of a battle his drone just had. I can only imagine how he felt when looking at the footage after he came back home.

When you fly you should always think ahead and plan your flight on time.
These things aren’t toys, and also aren’t cheap either.

Take care of your drone.

Fly safe. Land Safe.


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