DJI Inspire 2



When Inspire 1 was launched, it took the world by storm with its 4K camera, HD video transmission system, the simplicity of the app control, and yes, the amazing 360° rotating gimbal. It became an essential tool for all filmmakers and cemented its place as first-ever filmmaking drone in the world.


So, what is so special about Inspire 2?

For starters, it has all the high-quality traits of Inspire 1 and it is much more improved in technology and quality. The deployment of an all-new image processing system enables the drone to record at up to 5.2K in Apple ProRes, CinemaDNG RAW, and more.

In merely 5 seconds, it goes from 0 to 50mph and has a maximum speed of up to 58mph. Since dual batteries are used in this drone, the battery timing is 27 minutes.

The Forward and downward vision systems allow the drone to fly with sheer ease and detect obstacles at up to 30 meters. There is a spotlight tracking mode that enables even single pilots to take highly dramatic and complex images.

Thanks to the system of visual tracking algorithms that assist the drone in locking onto a subject during its flight, it captures pictures and record videos with high precision. The two shooting modes, Composition, and Quick Mode make it an impeccable choice for new (easy to control) and experienced filmmakers.


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