Xiaomi Mi 4K



This easy-to-fly, convenient and safe flying machine has all the traits to become your aerial photography buddy. ur best bet.

The 4K version means that you’ll get to enjoy seamless quality in images and videos. There is an integrated PTZ camera (it stabilizes every pixel), low-distortion wide angle lens with 3-axis stabilization (up to 2000 vibrations are stabilized).

The efficient power system enables the drone to fly without any interruption for up to 27 minutes. There are GPS + GLONASS positioning systems and vision positioning system installed in this flying camera.

The lightweight body (1.2 mm) of Mi 4K increases its efficiency and assists it in flying faster. On top of all this, it will return to its starting position on low battery or if the remote disconnects.

It automatically stops whenever it approaches a no-fly zone.

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