Yuneec Breeze



This flying camera is named Breeze for a reason; it weighs less than 1 pound and is controlled by your Android or iOS device (With Breeze App).u.

It won’t be wrong to say that it was specifically made for people who are into convenient and easy things rather than complexity. With Breeze, you can capture stunning aerial stills and videos in striking 4K Ultra High Definition.

It is so much simple and social that all you have to do is to take Breeze out and fly it with a single tap. With five automated flight modes including, Selfie Mode, Orbit Mode, and Follow me Mode, Breeze has the tendency to win your heart.

The Breeze won’t drift (regardless of the environment) because of infrared positioning sensors and optical flow of the flying camera. It shoots 13MP still images and there is a 720 HD live view.

In other words, with Breeze, you can elevate your creativity.

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