Yuneec Typhoon H



With a tagline that states ‘Unleash your Creativity,’ this quadcopter is definitely breaking the barriers with its latest technology and high-end professional offerings.

Typhoon H films ultra-stable 4K Ultra High Definition video and vibrant images with a CGO3+ 4K UHD camera and 3-axis anti-vibration offer a 360° range of motion. This means that you’ll have a full 360° view in front of you.

The ST16 is an all-in-one controller that makes Typhoon easy to control. There is a large 7-inch screen that delivers live-streaming of the action. With multiple task modes such as Point of Interest, Orbit me, Journey (for aerial selfie), Follow Me, and Return to Home, Typhoon is definitely a highly intelligent and enthralling quadcopter.

Other enticing features include a retractable landing gear, foldable arms, and IPS (Optical flow sensor).

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