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Another great release by DJI happened this last week on the 23rd of January. The new Mavic was “born”. Is it better than the Spark? We will see soon!

Welcome to the UnlimiteDrone Drone-Offs. The purpose of these series is to show differences between drones that are often mentioned together and to help pilots-to-be in deciding which one to buy. Enjoy the article and please feel free to leave any comments in the comment section below.


DJI Spark

The smallest drone ever built by DJI…Not anymore!
It is a great drone in its category of small drones. Great build quality, and a great starter drone.

But don’t be misled, even professionals use it. It is just so small and light and easy to carry around. Some even prefer it over the Mavic. But is it actually better than the Mavic?

Stay tuned…


DJI Mavic Air

Definitely the smallest drone of this kind ever built by DJI.

Is it the best small drone?
Can the improved camera compensate for the shorter flight time and distance?

Size-wise it is smaller and more portable than the Spark,  but the “lil’ bro” could still have some tricks up his sleeve.

We will now see the differences. Please comment below which one do you prefer and why?


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Spark vs. Mavic Air

So there you go.
If you look at all specs Mavic Air leads the way on most aspects.
If you are new to drone flying, the Mavic Air is definitely a better drone for you because it has collision sensors on the back as well, while the spark doesn’t.

Check the Price for the DJI Mavic Air –> DJI Shop or on Amazon


Otherwise, if you are looking for a more affordable but still awesome drone that still records high-quality footage… You will not make a mistake with this one.

Check the Price for the DJI Spark –> DJI Shop or on Amazon


Tell us in the comments how you liked the comparison, and what drones would you like to see side by side next!

Until then,

Fly Safe!


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