Russian Post Drone Crash



“Почта России” Russian Post showcased their first postal drone that is supposed to deliver packages. However, the first drone flight didn’t go as planned.

After taking off the drone went berserk and decided to unleash its FURY upon the building like the CRUSHING OF A THOUSAND WAVES!

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

One should always be 100% certain the drone is ok, and everything is ready, especially if the take-off happens with people around.

You will notice that crash was very close to people! If it crashed into people below, there would be very serious injuries.

What will Russian Post do now, we don’t know. Hopefully next time they do multiple test flights before taking the drone to the public.

If you are an observer of the drone flight, always be aware of its position and course. If there was a helicopter flying close to you, I’m sure you would pay attention.
And if you are a pilot, be responsible and don’t take any risk.

As always,

Fly Safe.


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