Who said drones can only bring evil to mankind?

Not this puppy for sure! (if it could talk, that is…)

This pup was stuck in a deep drain for more than 2 days. With no way of getting out, it had to survive on drain water alone.

What do you do when you find a dog that needs to be rescued??

You build a drone and rescue it, of course!

Raj Milind was the man responsible for this rescue. He built the drone and the robotic arm that he used to safely pick up the puppy.

Actually, the drone used was custom built by Raj 2 years ago for some other purposes, but the robotic arm was specially designed to gently take the puppy without squeezing too tight and suffocating it.

It took him a few hours to finish “the claw”. He then returned to the site with the claw attached to the hexacopter. After a couple of maneuvers, the puppy was secured and lifted to safety.

Happy ending, you say?

Well, it gets even happier.

One does not simply rescue a puppy without adopting it!

Raj did, in fact, adopt this pup and he named it Lifted.

That’s for sure the best thing that ever happened to this puppy, and it brings smiles to many of us who are happy that this ended in the best possible way.

On top of that, we at UnlimiteDrone are happy to see that each passing day drones find a new purpose in a variety of different areas of life, and we look forward to seeing them become a useful “tool” to make our life that much easier.

And to all of you drone pilots out there, always try to help those in need, and while you are doing that, of course,

Fly Safe


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