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Parrot introduced their first foldable camera drone, called:

Parrot ANAFI

new parrot drone anafiAt first glance, you notice how it resembles an insect. All four arms are connected to the front of the drone, the same way wings are attached to the thorax of the bee or wasp.

And when you pick it up, it is only 11.2 oz ( 320 g ) heavy, or should we say “light”?

ANAFI is a lot lighter than DJI Mavic Air ( 15.1 oz / 430 g ), but it is just a bit heavier than DJI Spark ( 10.5 oz / 300 g).

To put that into perspective, the difference in weight between DJI Spark and Parrot ANAFI is the same as the weight of 4 sheets of A4 size paper. That’s almost nothing.

The second thing you can see, even from the previous image of ANAFI, is that you can see the gimbal when looking at the drone from above.

That’s right!

ANAFI has 180° of gimbal tilt (90° down and 90° up), which makes it the FIRST EVER commercial drone to have this feature!
Another really nice thing is that this drone has 25 minutes of flight time. Even though usable flight time is around 20 minutes, there is plenty of time to make good use of the 4K HDR camera ANAFI has.

And don’t worry about getting closer to your subject or your footage being shaky because this camera features up to 2.8x Lossless ZOOM and it has 3-axis image stabilization.


anafi parrot new drone

One main thing I would consider to be a con is the lack of obstacle avoidance sensors.

It is true that up in the sky you don’t need them, but having new features like pointing the gimbal up means that in those cases there is no way of knowing if there is anything in your flight path without closely keeping an eye on the drone itself.

Having said that, I believe Parrot wanted to test the ground with this kind of gimbal, and they left space for future improvements. You see those plastic pieces on either side of the gimbal, those that are protecting the gimbal? Well, aren’t they just perfectly designed for having 2 forward-facing sensors at those ends?

Another thing that might be a problem is the fact that ANAFI is so light which means winds might make the drone wobble a bit. But we are yet to see if that is a problem when Parrot releases ANAFI in less than a month, on the 2nd of July.

Best accessories for the Parrot Anafi

best anafi accessories extras

Final Thoughts

All in all, Parrot ANAFI is an awesome drone. Parrot really challenged DJI with their concept of up-tilting gimbal, and we hope this brings more interesting innovations in near future.

parrot anafi drone parrot anafi drone
parrot anafi drone parrot anafi drone
parrot anafi drone parrot anafi drone
parrot anafi drone parrot anafi drone
parrot anafi controller drone parrot anafi controller drone

We wouldn’t suggest it as a starter drone, just because of the lack of those obstacle avoidance sensors, but if you have some experience in flying drones and you like what Parrot ANAFI offers, then, by all means, go for it!

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