Best Aссеѕѕоrіеѕ For Parrot Anafi

How to take good care of your drone? Get best accessories.


Parrot Anafi is an ultracompact foldable Drone with a unique 180 Degree vertical tilt gimbal. With a flight time of more than 20 minutes, you are able to take high-quality 4K videos and images with up to 21MP without a hurry.

The 2.8X zoom lens will allow it to stay away from the target but it will still provide you with the most immersive experience.

Anafi pilots especially appreciate the exceptionally low noise of this stealthiest consumer drone on the market.

In the following article, we picked the most important and best accessories, so you can get the most out of your awesome drone.

ND Filters for the Parrot Anafi

When asked which accessories are most useful for the Parrot Anafi and all other drones for that matter, ND filters are most frequently mentioned, along with spare batteries.
Beginners quickly realize that their video footage does not correspond to the quality of videos created by experienced Anafi pilots.

ND Filter Accessory Anafi

The main reason for this is the missing ND filters. A real necessity for the cinematic video look when shooting with the Anafi.

Due to technical limitations of the camera such as the fixed aperture, images with high light emission are not nearly as good as it is actually possible.

Therefore ND filters are used to reduce the light incidence and to avoid the problem. That’s why they are one of the best accessories.

Click the following link for the right ND Filter for your Anafi.

If you want to learn more about ND filters, Why are they necessary? and How you use them correctly?, visit our Full guide on ND filters.

Tablet Mount

Tablet Holder Parrot AnafiThe tablet mount is one of the best accessories for the Parrot Anafi.

The reason couldn’t really be more obvious. When you’re using a smartphone instead of your tablet, you are composing a shot on a very small screen. With a mounted tablet, you make sure that you always get the right exposure.

Our suggested tablet mount is able to rotate 360 degrees to fit all operation angles and is very easy to install.

Anafi Landing Gear Extension

Best Accessories Landing GearThe practical thing about the Anafi is its compactness, especially when traveling. This feature is very beneficial.

Under certain conditions, however, it can be a disadvantage. For example, if you want to start from a meadow or rocky terrain. Grasses can quickly get caught in the propeller or swirled stones and dust could damage the drone.

With the Landing Gear extension, you can easily prevent something like this and allow launches of rough terrain.

Landing Pad

Landing Pad accessory

This waterproof 30″ landing pad will provide you a great protection for starting and landing on any terrain.

No matter if the ground is wet, sandy or high grass. You will always have a reliable airstrip with this landing pad.

With the reflective strips, you will not miss your landing place even in bad light conditions.

Down below you will find our top choices for the best and most useful accessories for your Parrot Anafi.

Categories are:

1. Spare Parts
2. Charging Accessories
3. Storage Accessories

Spare Parts

Parrot Anafi Battery AccessoriesMany pilots do not agree on the optimal number of replacement batteries. Depending on your flight behavior and the purpose of your Anafi flights it remains your personal decision on how many extra batteries you use. However, as soon as you choose the location where there is no possibility of charging, it is recommended to carry more than three batteries with you.

NOTE: Never use Aftermarket batteries for safety reasons.

A set of replacement propellers are always a good choice. There is ALWAYS a chance of something happening. Perhaps collisions with branches or just by material fatigue.

Spare Propellers

Charging Accessories

Parrot Anafi Fast Charger

Charging the Anafi batteries can take a while. But with a good charger, the time to charge can be shortened immensely.

With the Anker charger and its maximum output of 30W, you are able to plug in a USB C cable to charge your battery in less than two hours.

We added this charger, because of the great reduction of charging time, in our list of the best accessories for the Parrot Anafi.

Charging Cable USB C

With a good charger, you also need a good USB C cable which is capable to deliver the 30W output.

This USB C cable is sturdy and long enough to charge your batteries trouble-free.

Cheap cables usually result in bad connection, slow transfer speed, or in our case slow charging time. So, remember, get yourself a good quality cable like this one here and always have the best performance.

Car Charger Best AccessoriesWhen you travel by car you don’t have the option to charge your batteries with a normal charger.

In this case, a car charger becomes very handy.

Use the time you are driving your car to charge up your batteries and be ready to fly when you arrive.

This charger has 2 output so you can charge your phone as well!

Power Bank ChargerThis is our recommendation for charging your batteries if there is no other power source nearby.

Often there is no way to charge when you are on a hike in the mountains looking for those best locations so you can capture that moment with your Anafi. Our suggestion is this power bank which has 20100mAh capacity. That is enough power to charge up multiple batteries!

Just plug your Anafi battery into the power bank and leave it in your backpack while you walk, run or bike.

Lipo BagsThe fact that batteries are sensitive is not a novelty. 

When handled incorrectly, they will lose performance and capacity much faster than their actual lifespan.

For air travel, it is important to know that some airlines refuse to take the batteries if they are not equipped with battery packs. These bags not only cushions the battery itself to avoid damage but also protects nearby people if the battery explodes.

We also recommend using battery bags for storage.

Best Storage Accessories

Parrot Anafi best controller case

Your controller will fit in this hard storage case. You might see it pushing on your sticks, but it won’t break them. So don’t worry.

Closed with a smooth zipper your controller is protected very well from any damage especially to the thumbsticks.

You can put the controller in this case and without any worry throw it in your backpack. Protect your controller from dust, scratches and any other possible damage.

Parrot Anafi Gimbal lock protector

The gimbal is one of the most sensitive parts of a drone and damage to it is expensive to repair. That’s why a gimbal protector is an important accessory for the Parrot Anafi.

The 3D printed part is easy to attach and protects your drones gimbal when you put it into a backpack.

With the gimbal protector, you don’t have to worry that the gimbal takes any damage when you carry the drone on your trips.

Shoulder Bag carrying case Parrot Anafi

This shoulder bag, designed for the Anafi, will fit in your Anafi with the controller, three batteries (one in your drone and two additional) and extras like charging cable and spare propellers.

It is lightweight and rainproof. The perfect option for on the go.

It’s also nice and elegant looking and it doesn’t take too much space!

This case is awesome for carrying you full Anafi setup with you in just one shoulder bag.

Controller stick protectorThe controller sticks are the most sensitive parts of your controller.

With this 3D printed stick protectors, you don’t have to worry anymore when putting your controller into cases or backpacks.

You simply put the protector on top of your controller sticks and attach the band. The protector will tightly fit and stay in place.

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  1. I don’t recommend that controller case. I’ve ordered from Amazon and the fit was very poor. Basically I had to slide the lid way forward and then it closed the joysticks forward as you close it.


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