DJI Care / Refresh after 48 hours of Activation


Are you a proud owner of a DJI drone? If you are I guess you already activated it and took it for a spin, or two, or seventeen. Who can resist testing a new drone as soon as they receive it, am I right?

Now after a few days, someone reminds you to get DJI Care or DJI Care refresh for your new multicopter but as it happens, the 48 hours countdown has ended, and you are doomed. Right?

Nobody can help you, and you will never get a DJI Care Refresh, correct?

False… Let me explain.

Something like this happens to a lot of DJI customers. You either forget to buy the Care Refresh for your drone when you make a purchase, or maybe you got a second-hand drone and the previous owner didn’t apply for DJI Care or Care Refresh.

In both of these cases, the majority of people thinks that you can’t activate DJI’s insurance service anymore. And this is not true.

In this article, we will show you how it is still possible to activate DJI Care or DJI Care Refresh even after the 48 hours, so you don’t have to worry about any possible accident that might happen to your drone.

DJI Care and Care Refresh The main thing you need to do is to show DJI that your drone is still fully functional. So all you have to do is create a video, in just 14 short steps, showing you with the drone and the DJI App running.

Pay attention to our example video and follow those steps exactly.

Also, there is a list we made for you which you can print out or download to your device so you don’t miss anything.

NOTE: The video needs to be in one take, and don’t edit it in any way.

You will find 17 steps and our example video which will help you to create your own submission down below. After you watched our video and read the steps you should open and bookmark following DJI page where you upload the video for verification and where you will find further information. –> Customer Upload Information

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DJI Care and DJI Care Refresh Video Submission Sample:

Video For DJI Care Refresh

Instruction List:

dji care and dji care refresh video sampleClick the image to download and/or print the list.

    Here is the same list in text:
  1. Show aircraft, remote controller and DJI Go app in the same shot
  2. Show S/N numbers of your aircraft and/or gimbal
  3. Turn on the remote controller and the drone
  4. Open DJI GO app
  5. Check the IMU
  6. Calibrate the compass
  7. Demonstrate gimbal pitch movement and rotation by moving it up, down (and if possible, left and right)
  8. Format the SD card
  9. Use the Combination Stick Command to arm the motors.
  10. Let the aircraft hover at the altitude of 1m (If using the Inspire drone, make it transform while hovering)
  11. Record several seconds of video and use the Playback button to check the recording
  12. Move the drone forward, backward, left, right and do the clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.
  13. Hover the aircraft at the altitude of 20m – 25m
  14. Carry out a distance and altitude test, making sure to show the DJI GO app clearly in your shot. In an open space, distance and altitude should reach at least around 200m and 120m respectively.
  15. Land the aircraft using the remote (not the app). If flying the Inspire, it should transform itself while you are holding the throttle stick down.
  16. Turn off your drone and the remote controller and then stop recording your video for the activation
  17. Upload your video to YouTube and send the link to the DJI customer service.

Once approved, DJI will send you an email.

We hope this helped you. If you have any opinions on this, please leave a comment.
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Good Luck!

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