The Best Accessories For DJI Osmo Pocket

These are ones you must get.


The Osmo Pocket іѕ the newest, super-portable handheld camera from DJI. This little 3-axis stabilized camera is capable of shooting smooth 4K videos in 60fps.

It comes with cool features and considering its size, you can take it anywhere you want to film awesome cinematic videos. In this article, we present you interesting and practical Osmo Pocket accessories for an even better experience and increased application possibilities than you already have with DJI Osmo Pocket right out of the box.

Osmo Pocket accessories are being sold by DJI itself and 3rd party companies as well. We will show you all these extras here in one place, so you don’t have to look anywhere else.

Best Osmo Pocket Accessories

Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel Accessories

To keep it simple and compact DJI reduced the number of buttons to its minimum to create the smallest handheld gimbal camera on the market.

To make it possible to control the gimbal without a smartphone and to change the modes as quick as possible this attachable controller wheel is the item of choice.

We use it a lot and it is worth every penny!

Available on DJI Shop

Osmo Pocket Accessories

Osmo pockets video quality is great unlike the audio quality which needs to be improved for professional results.

The 3.5mm Adapter and an external microphone will solve this problem.

Available on DJI Shop

Extra Wireless Modul DJI

This wireless module provides Bluetooth and WiFi connection to your smartphone for flexible remote control of your Osmo Pocket.

In addition, you are able to use it via USB-C as a charging station and it serves the function as a base to place your Osmo Pocket on a leveled surface.

Available on Amazon and DJI Shop

USB C Adapter 3.0

Many Android users experience an unpleasant surprise when their Osmo Mobile arrives.

A large part of the Android devices still has the somewhat old Micro USB-A port. DJI delivers the Osmo Pocket only with a Lightning adapter for Apple devices and the new USB-C adapter.

An additional adapter is therefore essential and should not be forgotten if you have a device with USB-A port.

Available on Amazon and DJI Shop

Power Bank Best Osmo Pocket Accessories

A power bank should be with you on every journey. This will allow you to charge your Osmo and smartphone when you are not using them.

But even for lengthy time-lapse shots, it is convenient because you do not have to worry about the battery dying mid-shoot.

Available on Amazon

ND Filter for DJI Osmo Pocket

When asked which Osmo Pocket accessories are most useful for the DJI Osmo Pocket ND filters are most frequently mentioned.

ND Filter Osmo Pocket

The main reason for this is the fact that ND filters are necessary for cinematic video look when shooting with the Osmo Pocket or any other camera for that matter.

Due to technical limitations of the camera itself, such as the fixed aperture, sources with high light emission can’t produce nearly as good as it is actually possible.

Therefore, ND filters serve the purpose of reducing the light incidence so you can avoid this problem. That’s why they are one of the most useful Osmo Pocket accessories.

Available on Amazon

Use ND1000 for interesting long time exposure pictures.

If you want to know more, for example, why are filters necessary and how you use them correctly, pay a visit to our ND filter guide (written specifically for drones but can apply to every other camera).

Osmo Pocket Protection Accessories

Your Osmo will often be thrown into backpacks or bags. DJI’s small camera comes with one also small case where you can clip it in but you can’t avoid dust and the risk of damaging your lens without any additional protection.Lens Cap Best Osmo Pocket AccessoriesThe lens protector provides effective protection for the gimbal and lens at any time.

Hard Case Osmo Pocket ExtrasThis waterproof hard case is designed specifically for the Osmo Pocket, and it is the perfect choice if you want to protect your Osmo while you are on the go or when you simply store it away. It’s padded with internal foam for the perfect fit and for protection against bumps. You can fit your Osmo Pocket, Cables, Adapters and extras like the controller wheel in the case as well.

Mounts and Holder

Handheld Expansion SetWith this expension set you have the option to screw the Osmo on every ¼ Standard screw tripod. It also comes with a clamp to fix your Osmo to your backpack or jacket for smooth shots without holding the camera in your hand. Perfect for walking shots, you can even change the angle of the camera at any time. One of the best Osmo Pocket accessories out there!
Phone Holder Osmo AccessoryThis phone holder set fixes your phone with the Osmo Pocket and protects the data plug from breaking. You are also able to expand it with a camera light, microphone, tripod and many more. The handling is practical and therefore it is a really useful addition.
Tripod Phone Holder for DJI Osmo Pocket This tripod phone mount is the same mount as the phone holder we already described above with just one main difference. This set comes with an integrated tripod . Very useful accessory for time-lapse shots!

Bike Mount for OsmoDo you love to ride your bike? If yes, then this bike mount is perfect for you. Simply attach it to your bike handles and fix in your Osmo Pocket for awesome smooth shots while you are on tour with your bike.



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