Should Your Grandma Fly Your Drone???

We say Why Not!


Drones are becoming insanely popular and with constant technological advances we see good quads become more affordable with each passing day.

There are already small pocket drones with great 4k cameras ready to fly out of the box. And without ANY prior knowledge you can go and conquer the sky.

But how easy is it really to fly a drone and can really anybody create footage which is film-material? We will see…

Drone flying – Hard or Easy?

Drones have become increasingly popular in the last several years. Before this, only model flyers practiced remote-controlled flying as a hobby. It took a lot of practice to steer old model aircraft and it wasn’t uncommon for some crashes to occur before pilots mastered the skill.

With drones, things took a different turn. Due to the 4 arms design, pilots found a much easier entry into the hobby.

Large Meadow Easy first Drone Flights
Grassland for first flights

GPS supported drones can take off with a single push of a button and then they will patiently hover in place waiting for your next command. By slowly moving the joysticks, you get used to the flight characteristics of the new drone quickly. Some even have the “Beginner” mode which reduces the sensitivity of the sticks and the flight range so you dont have to worry about crashing.

But even though it is relatively easy, you should not overestimate yourself as a beginner. Unfortunately, crashes due to pilot errors occur when the user (as a beginner) doesn’t familiarize themselves with the manual and the way their new drone behaves in the air, but instead, they just go all-in and if anything happens they don’t know how to react.

What should you do?

After you carefully read the manual, you must find a big empty field or a large meadow in order to fly without concerns in order to gain your first flight experience.

Many pilots are still nervous on their first flights, but this anxiety sets quickly and flying can be fully enjoyed after just a few hours of flight.

All in all, drones are easy to fly and easy to master. Children and even grandmas are able to learn drone-flying.

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Professional aerial footage

As soon as you feel confident as a newcomer with your own aircraft, you will feel the urge to take full advantage of the technology and achieve best possible results with the amazing flying camera you own.

But just having drone cameras that are capable of producing film-ready shots and HQ photos, doesn’t guarantee success at the touch of a button.

Although manufacturers such as DJI offer more and more autonomous flight modes which, once selected, allow the drone to fly in a specific route to create cinematic recordings, these modes can not replace the right feel and the experience needed to capture the
Drones – Easy or hard to fly? Can really anybody fly a drone and create professional footage with it? right subject, to get the correct perspective, good lighting and to set the correct camera settings.

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A technical understanding of cameras is a prerequisite for professional results. Thus ISO values, shutter speed and white balance must be adjusted correctly depending on lighting conditions, and in videography, depending on the frame rate. For aerial photography in the form of videos, additional ND filters must be used.

Drohnen Kamera Linse
Get closer…

In order to create the desired recordings, you sometimes need to fly your drone closer to objects.
That requires a higher level of drone piloting skill than it would be necessary for hobby flying.

The Postprocessing

Once you have created your recordings, they must be edited for the best possible quality. It doesn’t matter if they are videos or photos, the post-processing is necessary to get the maximum out of your content.

For this, you need image or video editing software and you have to be familiar with how to use it. You can always find help on the internet. There are helpful tutorials for all commonly used programs. You can find detailed explanations of what you have to do in order to improve your own recordings. Youtubers also give pre-made presets for the most common drone models, that will enhance your footage with just one click.

Flying a drone is easy to master – creating professional footage takes longer. You must pay much more attention, spend more time on understanding the technique and how to adjust the settings properly, and you must learn how to do a bit of post-processing.

That way you learn each time something more, and you are always motivated to improve yourself further.

Welcome to the world of drones! We wish you a good flight, and don’t forget to give your grandma a chance to prove herself as a drone pilot.


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