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DJI is the No.1 when it comes to making drones, there is no denying that. But today they bravely sailed into the waters of the well known GoPro action camera.

GoPro tried to enter the drone market in 2016, and we all know how that ended. It was raining KARMAs. Heh, I just invented a new sentence.

However, even though they failed miserably in that area, their game is still strong if not the strongest when it comes to action cameras.

Or, is it?

DJI just introduced their first action camera, conveniently named DJI Osmo Action. It should be a direct rival to the Hero 7 Black, but how does it compare to the GoPro? You will find out soon enough.

Welcome to the UnlimiteDrone Face-Off. The purpose of this series is to show differences between products that are often mentioned together and to help you in deciding which one to buy.

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DJI OSMO Action & GoPro Hero 7 Black

You might think it looks like GoPro, and you’re not wrong. But after all, GoPro has been on the top for years, so why change something if it works, right?

Let’s see their specs:

DJI OSMO Action: Click here to check for the current price

DJI Osmo Action vs GoPro HERO 7 Black

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DJI OSMO Action vs. GoPro HERO7 Black

To sum up…

Both DJI OSMO Action and GoPro HERO7 Black have the same CMOS sensor, but you will see that OSMO Action records a much higher bitrate video than the HERO7, which means it captures more data. This will help with post-processing.

OSMO Action can also support MicroSD cards up to 256GB, which is twice as much than GoPro can handle.

Note: GoPro HERO7 Black can hold a 256GB MicroSD Card, but the manual says maximum should be 128GB.

Faster Charging time, a bit bigger battery and nice screens on both sides are nice features to have.

All this, along with a 50$ lower price-tag, will for sure turn many heads.

Your new Mavic 2 Pro, should you choose to accept it, will bring you great pictures and awesome footage with loads of dynamic range. It will be a companion you will bring with yourself to all your future trips!

Buy Yours Now!

Otherwise, if you want to stick with GoPro, we say why not! Its a solid camera and you won’t make a mistake.

DJI Osmo Action vs GoPro HERO 7 Black

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Tell us in the comments how you liked the comparison, and what drones would you like to see side by side next!

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